Credit card fraud and what you can do to prevent it.
12 May 2014 - Lauren Middleton


Staying safe: Useful tips to help prevent fraud

Always shred all documents containing any personal financial information when disposing of them, never write down passwords, banking log in details or pins.

Open your bills promptly, or check them online often and reconcile them with your purchases. Keep all receipts to compare them with your statement. Report any questionable charges to your card issuer.

Keep your credit card safe at all times, always have your credit card in a closed wallet or purse and close to your body to prevent it from being snatched. If it is not necessary to take your credit cards with you leave them at home.

Who is safe to share my credit card information with?

Only give out credit card details over the phone if you have initiated the call and you know them to be a reputable organization.

Never disclose your personal financial information with family or friendís details are personal to you and you only.

Buying online, am I safe?

Make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software and firewall installed and switched on.

Always use a secured browser when shopping online and always sign out after use. Also look for a Web siteís policy about the privacy and security of your payment card information before making purchases.