Safer way to take your travel money on holiday with Travel money cards.
30 August 2016 - Which Way To Pay

Safer way to take your travel money on holiday with Travel money cards.

As we all know when we have saved up all year for that special holiday , We want everything to run smoothly . Our travel money is always a worry when travelling overseas as , we always want it to be safe . This is why now the safest way to carry your money is on Travel Money Card .

This product is becoming so popular with more and more people travelling abroad as it is simply used like a cash card . The Fantastic thing with these cards is that the card can be topped up with as little or as much travel money as you wish .

The Travel Money Card is used the same as a cash card , they are accepted in hundreds of different destinations worldwide. The Travel Money card is protected with a personal pin number that is issued at the time the Travel money card is taken out.

Travel Money Cards may come with a small withdrawal fee , but this fee is not as high as your personal bank card would be . The Travel Money Card is available in most major currency's and can be used to purchase on direct from a chip and pin machine .

Here is a list of the benefits of using a Travel Money card.

  • Personal Pin number issued with each Travel Money Card.
  • Safer that carrying large amounts of cash around with you .
  • Can be Cancelled and replaced within hours of reporting the card lost or stolen .
  • The card can also be used as a saving method for your travel money as this can be topped up on a regular basis .

Travel Money Cards are accepted worldwide and are considered the safest way to travel with your holiday money .

There is many different lenders offering the Travel Money Cards to help you make the best decision .