Forever monitoring your endowment policy ?
08 April 2017 - Which Way To Pay

If this is your case then why not sell your policy on to make yourself some cash , and get what its worth.

This day in age now , at least 1 in 5 people have got a endowment policy in Place . In some cases they are just sat there doing nothing quite frankly and this is where you need to act now .

Selling a endowment policy sounds quite scary and some people also think that if you are not a certified financial advisor this cant be done , Wrong – if you are the main policy holder then you can do whatever you like with the endowment policy. At the end of the day you have placed the funds into this so why not retract them out of it .

Selling a endowment policy is done by comparing with all the different purchasers to make sure you are getting the best possible price for the policy you hold.

Here you will find a list of why its easy and beneficial to see your endowment policy:

  • Release of funds placed into the initial policy.
  • Allowing you to use the funds invested before you may die.
  • Making sure you know what your options are surrounding your endowment policy.

All these things are within you , there policy holders benefit , and as mentioned before Endowment buying company are always changing there purchasing benefits , to make sure you receive the best price on the market.