For once we are seeing Car Insurance Prices Drop since 2014
31 August 2018 - Which Way To Pay

A statement released last week , states that Car Insurance can be dropping by as much as 11% .

As a recent statement released last week in the financial news , it was stating that car insurance is set to drop by a average of 11% . This is the first decrease since back in 2014. As we k now car insurance can be a big strain on family's , especially if they are a 2-3 car family .

Recent studies have shown that the amount of money being paid extra for car insurance has caused a huge enquiry into this matter.

The Drop in price will have come as a massive blow to motor car insurers , as the share prices will have become under pressure causing fears over the impact of there profit growth.

A recent survey has been carried out including the 3 Top car insurers in the UK , the statistics from this has proven that the Figures have dropped by 7% since June 2017.

One of the main reasons in the fall in cost of car insurance is because the insurers are already pricing the benefits in which the government legislation is designed to cut , in order to cover personal injury cover.

Car Insurance sales rose at a steady rate during 2014 until mid 2017 , after this period the personal injurys claims were calculated and fell . This is because the common whiplash claim is failing to be a lower payout as confirmed in recent studies.