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For once we are seeing Car Insurance Prices Drop since 2014
31 August 2018 - Which Way To Pay
A statement released last week , states that Car Insurance can be dropping by as much as 11% .
Dreamt of that perfect overseas property ?
04 April 2017 - Which Way To Pay
EU overseas property mortgages have taken a whole new turn
Payday Loans proving to be a hit with rental tenants.
30 August 2016 - Which Way To Pay
More and more people renting property are turning to payday loans to help out when struggling with outgoings.
Inheritance is a big part of peoples lives but if divorced what will happen? You need legal advice.
16 July 2015 - Which Way To Pay
Many people are wondering what will happen when it comes to receiving Inheritance from a loved one , but at the same time they are going through a divorce. Tricky situation for many people, get legal advice.
Current credit card providers Now issuing high interest Rates.
26 March 2015 - Which Way To Pay
Credit card providers are far from lowering rates and are actually set to increase them
Current bank account complaints increase as the packages offered fail to deliver to customers
07 October 2014 - Which Way To Pay
Many Bank accounts are continuing to apply unwanted fees for 'packages' that aren't being delivered
Claims Services will now be easier to penalise under new government plans
03 April 2014 - Which Way To Pay
Plans set out by the Ministry of justice could make Claims Services easier to penalise for unwanted nuisance phone calls.
Homeowners are unlikely to be covered by flood insurance scheme due to loophole
18 February 2014 - Which Way To Pay
Insurers say thousands of homes on the Somerset Levels, the areas worst hit by the storms and flooding, could be affected by the loophole in the new flood insurance scheme.
How to make a claim on your home insurance if your house has been damaged in the recent storms
18 February 2014 - Which Way To Pay
Has your home been damaged with the recent storms? Check your home insurance policy to see if you are covered.
Car insurance certificate no longer needed when taxing your vehicle
20 December 2013 - Which Way To Pay
Changes that will come into force this week mean that motorists no longer need their vehicle insurance certificate when taxing their vehicle
Payday loan lenders critised for targeting children through advertising
05 December 2013 - Which Way To Pay
Labour government have urged the advertising watchdog to introduce a ban on payday loan lenders advertising
Mortgage lenders finance largest house buying increase for five years
29 October 2013 - Which Way To Pay
New figures have been released amid discussions regarding the impact of government schemes to make loans more readily available.
The American Express Nectar Card has arrived on Which Way To Pay
01 October 2013 - Which Way To Pay
Have look and see the variety of advantages which come with the Nectar Card by American Express
WW1 wills are being digitised: How to find a WW1 soldiers will
12 September 2013 - Which Way To Pay
WW1 soldiers' wills are being revealed online for the first time in 100 years after they have been unseen for almost a century.
Are cheaper loans and the government's help to thank for the rise in house prices?
03 September 2013 - Which Way To Pay
House prices rise at their fastest pace since their 2006 peak, however, is this good news for everybody and when should you take out a home loan to buy?
Survey results show half of customers are 'happy' with payday loan lenders
19 August 2013 - Which Way To Pay
A recent boost to the payday loan industry as survey reveals payday loan customers are "happy" with the service they have received.
Britains top companies told they have to put their audits out to tender
12 August 2013 - Which Way To Pay
The UK competition watchdog has told accountancy firms they have to put their audits out to tender every five years to encourage rivalry between firms.
Adverts for payday loans are banned on bus shelters and billboards
06 August 2013 - Which Way To Pay
Plymouth county council would like to make it as difficult as possible for payday loan companies to operate in Plymouth.
The Church takes on Payday Loan giant Wonga
03 August 2013 - Which Way To Pay
The Archbishop of Canterbury announced last week that he has a plan to put payday loan firms out of business.
Compensation for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) continues to soar
30 July 2013 - Which Way To Pay
With a 179 percent year-on-year increase in complaints, PPI complaints are now at 10,000 per week and show no sign of abating.
Good news for UK economy
15 July 2013 10:00 - Mark Maffia
The U. K economy seems to be back on track. This was revealed after the Ernst & Young Item Club published its latest forecast
Mortgages: One in six second steppers might turn to their parents
10 June 2013 14:15 - Mark Maffia
Lloyds TSB has conducted a survey interviewing 500 young people ready to buy a second home. The research revealed that many people on their way up the housing ladder turn to the ”mum- and-dad – bank”.
The Bank of England Rejects More Stimulus
07 March 2013 - Which Way to Pay
The rate setting committee of the bank of England has rejected requests to inject more stimulus into the economy. This means that interest rates in the UK have been kept at their lowest rates since records began.
Cameron calls for a Referendum
25 January 2013 - Which Way to Pay
David Cameron has called for a vote on whether the UK should remain in or out of the Euro.
The UK Economy Is Growing But Slowly
27 November 2012 - Which Way to Pay
Economic growth in the UK between July and September has been confirmed. The economy increased by 1% in the summer months and this information from the Office for National Statistics suggests that the UK has come out of the long recession.
The Multinationals Avoiding Corporation Tax Will Face The Public Accounts Committee Today
12 November 2012 - Which Way to Pay
Today the UK spokesmen for Starbucks, Google and Amazon will speak to the Public Accounts Committee on the subject of corporation tax avoidance.
4G Launches In 11 Cities Across the UK
30 October 2012 - Which Way to Pay
Today 4G went live in 11 cities across the UK. The new fourth generation internet for mobile phones will be provided by network EE which owns both Orange and T-Mobile.
UK Emerges From Economic Recession
25 October 2012 - Which Way to Pay
The Office for National Statistics has stated that the UK economy has grown by 1.0% in the third quarter.
Google Share Price Drops
22 October 2012 - Which Way to Pay
Google's share price tumbled last week after they released their third-quarter earnings report early.
Is UK Economy Finally Out Of Double Dip Recession?
11 October 2012 09:30am - Mark Maffia
The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has estimated that in the third quarter of this year, the UK economy grew 0.8%.
BoE Says UK Economic Recovery Is Finally On The Way
24 September 2012 17:00 - Which Way to Pay
According to the Bank of England the UK economy can expect an improved future. Spencer Dale, one of the Bank’s key rate-sellers has predicted that the UK will see a return to growth later this year.
IoD Say Action Is Needed To Boost Confidence
23 August 2012 15:30 - Which Way to Pay
The Institute of Directors has said that further government action is needed to restore confidence in the UK economy. The business group said two-thirds of the 1,200 members saw little or no chance of the UK managing to get out of recession this year.
The Olympics Are Over and Now It’s Back to The Grindstone
13 August 2012 - Which Way to Pay
The Olympics may have been fun but we are not out of the woods yet.
Standard Chartered Money Laundering
07 August 2012 11.18am - Mark Maffia
The international bank Standard Chartered has been accused of money laundering by
Looks Like The UK Economy Is Heading Downwards
03 August 2012 17:30 - Phoebe Robinson
The UKs GDP is forecast to shrink 0.5% in 2012. The prediction by the National Institution of Economic and Social Research was down sharply from its zero growth forecast in May.
Bank Of England Under Pressure To Act
02 August 2012 18:00 - Lucy Williams
The weakening UK economy is putting pressure on the Bank of England to take action and change interest rates. The central bank has kept interest rates on hold despite warnings and advice that the faltering UK economy, which is currently in a double-dip recession, needs emergency support.
Another Boost To Try And Help The Economy
01 August 2012 15:30 - Phoebe Robinson
The latest attempt to kick-start bank lending is to put £80 billion initiative to kick-start bank lending, and it was put into action today. The Bank of England Treasury’s Funding for Lending Scheme is going to make money available to banks on the condition that they give the money to businesses and households enabling people to get cheaper loans and mortgages.

UK Holds On To Its AAA Rating
30 July 2012 15:30 - Phoebe Robinson
The UK Chancellor George Osborne has welcomed Britain’s continuation of its AAA credit rating by an important agency that also backed ongoing deficit reduction measures. The UK economy fell by 0.7% forecast by analysts.
Deeper Double-Dip Recession On The Way
27 July 2012 14:30 - Phoebe Robinson
The UK’s has fallen further into their double-dip recession; this means the economy is now smaller than it was when the coalition government took office in 2010.
The government is saying that before they took office the country had “deep rooted economic problems”. These problems have got worse after output fell 0.7% between second quarters, this is a lot more than the 0.2% fall that was forecasted.

UK Double-Dip Recession Deepens
26 July 2012 17:30 - Lucy Williams
The UK economy faces more struggles as the country’s double-dip recession unexpectedly deepened.
Government Told They Should Change Their Economy Strategy
23 July 2012 14:30 - Phoebe Robinson
George Osborn the UK chancellor has been told to change his economic strategies for the country. He has been told he should introduce a 2p cut in national insurance and he should borrow more and abandon his current austerity measures.
IMF Tells The UK Action Must Be Taken
20 July 2012 15:30 - Phoebe Robinson
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has told the British government that they need to kickstart the economy with a boost to spending and increased investment if it is to avoid a long depression and desperate economy. It was a very clear cut warning that the economy is actually in serious trouble the IMF gave to the government.
IMF Concerns Over UK And Eurozone Economies
19 July 2012 17:30 - Lucy Williams
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned the UK to ease its austerity measures after economic growth remains stagnant.
£50 Billion Boost To The UK Economy
18 July 2012 15:00 - Phoebe Robinson
The Treasury has put £50 billion into the UK economy in order to boost infrastructure and exports according George Osborn the UK’s Chancellor. The scheme will entail the government underwriting a major private sector construction project and the chancellor has allocated £40 billion to support this.
IMF Cuts UK Forecasts
16 July 2012 17:00 - Phoebe Robinson
Where forecasters were previously predicting growth they have now reversed these estimates and have cut their forecasts. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has drastically cut its forecasts for UK economic growth over the coming years as it fears that there are heavy financial risks ahead.
UK Introduces Plans Of Bank Lending
13 July 2012 17:00 - Lucy Williams
Britain has released details of plans to lift the economy out of recession, recently announced by Chancellor George Osborne and Bank of England’s Mervyn King. The scheme aims to offer cheap funding to banks that agree to loan sums of money to households and small businesses. The scheme is considered to be able to increase much needed credit supply to the UK economy.

UK Struggling With Recovery
11 July 2012 17:00 - Lucy Williams
The extra bank holiday in June flatters UK manufacturing output figures for May but reflects badly on recently released figures for June. The UK economy has fallen into its second recession in recent years and after recent reports suggested that further problems and weaknesses lay ahead the Bank of England injected £50 billion in order to help the economy and improve demand.

Unemployment Likely To Rise In UK
09 July 2012 17:00 - Lucy Williams
A bleak second half of the year is expected as confidence takes a dive on investing stockpiles of funds. It has been reported that companies are holding back billions of pounds from the economy due to a lack of confidence and a sense of uncertainty, and a recent decline in staff placements has created the possibility of the UK unemployment rate rising once more.

£50 Billion Boost From BoE
06 July 2012 17:30 - Phoebe Robinson
The Global economy has been awaiting the decision of the Bank of England all week. And it seems the action that was speculated has been taken. Together with its Eurozone Counterpart the B of E has taken emergency action to try and inject some movement into their struggling economies.

Olympics To Benefit UK Economy
05 July 2012 11:00am - Lucy Williams
It was revealed today that the Olympics and Paralympics 2012 Games will boost the UK’s weakened economy by £13 billion. David Cameron believes that the Games will be successful not only for British nationalism but more importantly and advantageously in strengthening the UK economy which so desperately needs it.
Survey Suggests UK Recession Continues
04 July 2012 16:30 - Florence Fullalove
Markit’s closely watched survey calculates that the UK economy contracted by 0.1% in the second quarter of this year.
US Economy Not Looking Too Bright For The Future
29 June 2012 12:00 - Phoebe Robinson
Figures have come in that show the US economy grew by 1.9% in the first quarter; this shows us that there was an increase in consumer spending. However this does not seem to have lasted as consumer spending seems to have calmed down as American’s hold back due to the worrying prospects of the global economy.

New Nuclear Energy Will Boost The Economy
27 June 2012 12:00 - Phoebe Robinson
EDF Energy has put forward plans to build new nuclear power plants at Hinkley point in Somerset and Sizewell in Suffolk. The plant will have a combined capacity of 6.4 gigawatts, this amount of power is enough to power 10 million homes.

Is There Any Hope For The UK Economy?
25 June 2012 - Phoebe Robinson
It seems for the first time in two years there is a glimmer of optimism in the air amongst households. The idea of lower inflation improved the outlook of most households in June as it looks like the gap between wages and rising prices is finally starting to close.
Moody’s Downgrades British Banks
22 June 2012 14:00 - Florence Fullalove
The ratings agency Moody’s has lowered its assessments of 15 major world banks including Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC in the UK.
Cameron Expresses Concern
21 June 2012 14:00 - Phoebe Robinson
David Cameron has today expressed frustration at the slow pace of economic recovery in Britain.
UK Unemployment Continues To Fall
20 June 2012 16:00 - Florence Fullalove
UK unemployment fell 51,000 to 2.61m in the three months from February to April suggesting the labour market has managed to hold firm despite Britain returning to a technical recession.
Prime Minister Urges Eurozone Action
18 June 2012 16:00 - Florence Fullalove
Today, David Cameron urged Greek parties to form a collation as soon as possible before any delay could potentially cause further problems for Europe.
More Problems For UK Economy As Manufacturing Slumps
13 June 2012 09:30am - Victoria Wedderburn
The Office for National Statistics has said that output from the UK’s manufacturing sector slumped more than expected in April as the weak domestic economy and worsening situation in Europe weighed on demand.
BCC Say UK Economic Growth Is Slowing
01 June 2012 14:30 - Mark Maffia
The British Chambers of Commerce, which represents more than 100,000 UK businesses, has cut its forecast for economic growth this year from 0.6% to 0.1% in its latest Quarterly Economic Forecast.
UK Economic Sentiments Falls In May
30 May 2012 14:00 - Crage Campbell
According to a survey released by the European Commission, confidence among UK businesses fell more in May than in any other country in Europe.
Poll Shows Majority Of Voters Believe Osborne Got It Wrong
29 May 2012 17:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
According to the ComRes poll, a majority of people believe Chancellor George Osborne needs to change his failing economic policies. The poll, published today, sees 7 out of 10 Britons want the government to soften its spending cuts and do more to stimulate economic growth.
UK Economy To Improve This Year
28 May 2012 17:00 - Florence Fullalove
According to a report on consumer spending by the Ernst & Young ITEM Club, the average earner will see their finances bolstered by an addition £482 in 2012 and £624 in 2013.
UK In Deeper Recession Than First Thought
24 May 2012 15:00 - Crage Campbell
The Office for National Statistics has said today that gross domestic product fell by 0.3% in the first quarter of this year and not the 0.2% it previously announced.
OECD Says UK Economy Will Return To Growth
23 May 2012 16:30 - Mark Maffia
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has said the UK economy will return to growth in the second half of this year with recovery threatened by a potential global slowdown.
IMF Say UK Should Prepare A Plan B For Economy
22 May 2012 17:00 - Crage Campbell
The International Monetary Fund has urged the Government to prepare a Plan B, featuring tax cuts and increased spending on infrastructure, to support the UK economy in case the Eurozone collapses or recovery fails to take off.
UK Farmers Enjoy Boom Despite Weak Economy
21 May 2012 16:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
A report published by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) today says that Government figures show the agriculture and horticulture sector of the economy grew by 25%.
BOE Cuts Growth Forecasts As Inflation Rises
17 May 2012 14:30 - Victoria Wedderburn
The Bank of England slashed its 2012 growth forecasts for the UK economy, raised its near-term inflation outlook and issued a warning about the potential economic damage of the Eurozone crisis.
UK Unemployment Falls – Is The Economy On The Mend?
16 May 2012 16:00 - Florence Fullalove
According to the Office for National Statistics in the first quarter of this year unemployment declined by 45,000 as the total number of jobless fell to 2.63 million, its lowest level since last summer.
UK Exports Holding Up Despite Euro Crisis
15 May 2012 17:00 - Mark Maffia
The Office for National Statistics has said exports of UK goods climbed by 5.8% to reach £26.4 billion for March, despite signs of significant weakness in the Eurozone.
UK Interest Rates Expected To Remain On Hold
14 May 2012 17:00 - Florence Fullalove
Sir Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England is expected to signal later this week that interest rates will not rise from their record low until late 2013 at the earliest.
Queen’s Speech: New Measures To Restore Economic Stability
09 May 2012 15:30 - Florence Fullalove
During the Queen’s Speech today new measures designed to boost economic growth have been outlined. At the ceremony at the House of Lords, the speech promised 19 Government bills in a legislative programme for the coming year which the Queen told MPs would “focus on economic growth, justice and constitutional reforms.”
Think-Tank Predicts Flat UK Economy In 2012
04 May 2012 16:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
The National Institute of Economic Research (NIESR) have revised up its growth forecast for 2012 to 0% from -0.1% because of an improved outlook for private sector investment and consumer spending.
UK Construction Growth Slows
02 May 2012 17:30 - Crage Campbell
According to Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, construction purchasing managers’ index came in at 55.8 last month, down from March’s 21 month high of 56.7 showing that growth in the UK construction sector slowed in April.
Cameron Blames UK Recession On Eurozone
30 April 2012 16:30 - Jack Stupple
David Cameron has said that the UK economy could potentially be dragged down for years as the euro crisis continues and the Prime Minister also warned that the Euro currency could break up.
UK Back In Recession!
25 April 2012 16:30 - Florence Fullalove
The Office for National Statistics has said that the UK’s economy contracted by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2012. Following a 0.3% decline in Gross Domestic Product in the last quarter of 2011 Britain has now fallen into technical recession, defined as two quarters of decline in a row.
UK Government Meets Borrowing Target
24 April 2012 16:00 - Florence Fullalove
Despite the UK government borrowing more than expected last month at £18.2bn, it still managed to meet its target for the financial year.
Osborne Announces UK Committing Further £10bn To IMF
23 April 2012 16:00 - Crage Campbell
George Osborne announced that Britain is to commit another £10 billion to the International Monetary Fund. He has come under increasing pressure from critics as they have argued that Osborne is putting pressure on taxpayers for more bailouts of the struggling Eurozone.
UK Car Production Rises By 0.3%
19 April 2012 16:30 - Mark Maffia
According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) UK car production in March rose 0.3% from a year earlier to 135,456.
UK Unemployment Rate Falls To 8.3%
18 April 2012 16:30 - Victoria Wedderburn
According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment in the UK fell for the first time in nearly a year in the first quarter of 2012.
IMF Upgrades UK Growth Forecast
17 April 2012 17:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
The International Monetary Fund has raised its growth forecast for the UK this year. In its World Economic Outlook, the IMF expects Britain to grow by 0.8% in 2012.
Item Club Say UK Economy To Stall Until 2013
16 April 2012 16:30 - Mark Maffia
According to a forecast from the Ernst and Young ITEM Club, the UK economy has avoided a double-dip recession but is likely to stall for the rest of 2012.
Recovery Hopes Dampened By Export Data
12 April 2012 17:00 - Florence Fullalove
Figures released today from the Office for National Statistics showed a sharp fall in exports to countries outside of Europe. The trade deficit on goods and services rose to £3.4 billion in February, up from £2.5 billion in January and considerably bigger than the £2 billion expected by economists.
OECD Say UK On Edge Of Lasting Recovery
11 April 2012 17:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
According to international think-tank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) the UK is at a “potential turning point.”
UK Service Sector Growth Boosts Recovery Hopes
04 April 2012 15:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
The Markit/CIPS services PMI, an indicator into the health of the industry, rose to 55.3 in March from 53.8 the month before. Chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, David Noble, said the PMI results suggested that “fears of a double dip recession were unfounded.”
UK Construction Sector Significantly Expands
03 April 2012 16:00 - Florence Fullalove
The Markit/CIPS construction Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), used to measure the health of the construction sector, rose to 56.7 in March from 54.3 the month before.
UK Manufacturing Growth Eases Recession Fears
02 April 2012 14:00 - Jack Stupple
The Markit/CIPS manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), an indicator designed to measure the health of the manufacturing industry, rose to 52.1 from 51.5 in February showing that the sector grew at its fastest pace for ten months
BOE Governor Says Queen’s Jubilee Could Harm UK Economy
30 March 2012 15:00 - Florence Fullalove
The Bank of England Governor, Sir Mervyn King was speaking at a hearing of the House of Lords economic affairs committee and said that the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee will negatively affect the UK’s economy because it includes an extra bank holiday.
OECD Predict UK Recession
29 March 2012 14:00 - Jack Stupple
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has said that the UK economy shrank in the first quarter of 2012 and as a result the country is officially back in recession.
UK Economy Shrinks By 0.3%
28 March 2012 14:30 - Florence Fullalove
The Office for National Statistics has said that the UK economy shrank by 0.3% in the last quarter of 2011.
Deal With South Korea To Bring £500 Million To UK Economy
27 March 2012 09:30am - Jack Stupple
The UK has agreed a trade deal with South Korea which could bring £500 million pounds a year into the British economy.
UK Consumer Confidence Falls
23 March 2012 15:00 - Victoria Wedderburn
According to Nationwide Building Society, UK consumer confidence fell in February as rising unemployment and weak economic growth made people more pessimistic about the future.
UK Budget 2012
21 March 2012 16:30 - Victoria Wedderburn
Today George Osborne outlined his Budget - He is cutting the tax rate for earnings over £150,000.
UK Inflation Falls To 3.4%
21 March 2012 09:00am - Florence Fullalove
According to the Office for National Statistics, the official rate of inflation, the Consumer Prices Index, fell to 3.4% last month from 4.6% in January.
UK Most Internet Based Economy
19 March 2012 10:30am - Victoria Wedderburn
A new study, compiled by the Boston Consulting Group, suggests that the UK is the world’s most internet based economy with online businesses accounting for 8.3% of the national income, more than any other economy in the G20.
UK Unemployment Rises By 28,000
15 March 2012 11:30am - Jack Stupple
Official figures have shown that UK unemployment rose by 28,000 to 26.7 million between November and January. According to the Office for National Statistics the unemployment rate was 8.4% which is the highest level since 1995.
UK Trade Deficit Rises Following 2 Year Low
13 March 2012 15:00 - Florence Fullalove
Official data from the Office for National Statistics has showed that Britain’s trade deficit widened in January but strong exports to non-European Union countries rose to the highest levels since records started.
Osborne Urged To Scrap Flying Tax To Help Save UK Economy
12 March 2012 09:30am - Which Way to Pay
The bosses of four major airlines have today said that Chancellor George Osborne should scrap air passenger duty (APD) to save the UK’s economic recovery.
Moody's Puts UK Rating On Negative Outlook
09 March 2012 10:00am - Florence Fullalove (Updated from 14/02/12)
US credit ratings agency Moody’s has given official notification to Britain and the Bank of England that their credit ratings are at risk of a potential downgrade.
Cable Says Coalition Lacks Vision of Economy’s Future
08 March 2012 09:00am - Florence Fullalove
According to an internal government letter acquired by the BBC, Business Secretary, Vince Cable has said that the Coalition has no ‘compelling vision’ for the economy beyond the central aim of cutting the deficit.


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