Find the right credit card for you

24 April 2013 - Mark Maffia


Find the right credit card for you

There are various types of credit cards to choose from but which is the right one for you?


Credit cards

If you have a credit card, the card company agrees to lend you money until the end of the month, when they will invoice you for the money you have spent using the card. Because a credit card is actually a kind of loan you will have to pay lending fees. The amount of the loan, i.e. the money you are permitted to spend using your credit card, will be agreed upon before the card is issued. There will be an annual fee whose amount will depend on the credit limit, and extra features which the credit card might be equipped with.

Choose a credit card if you wish to benefit from great financial flexibility


Business credit cards

Business credit cards work exactly like traditional credit cards and help to separate business from private outgoings. They usually come with extra features aimed at business customers, like air miles and travel insurance.

Choose a business credit card for keeping your finances simple


Student credit cards

Student credit cards work like traditional credit cards but come with more flexible conditions, but lower credit.

Choose a student credit card if you have no income, but still would like a credit card


Reward credit cards

Reward credit cards are normal credit cards which allow you to earn bonus points, rewards or air miles every time you spend money. Their rates can be rather high and are therefore only worth it if one spends enough money using this type of credit card.

Choose a reward credit card if you like to earn bonus points when spending money


Charity credit cards

Charity credit cards are a kind of reward credit card, but Instead of bonus points for yourself, the charity of your choice will benefit from your spendings.

Choose a charity credit card if you would like to donate money regularly



Football credit cards

Football credit cards are also a type of reward credit cards. Instead of bonus points for yourself, the rewards go to the football club you support.

Choose a football credit card for extra support of your football club



Poor credit rating credit cards

Poor credit rating credit cards are credit cards specially designed for people who have been refused elsewhere. They can help to rebuild your credit history.

Choose a poor rating credit card if you have a poor credit history but still need to have a credit card



Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards work and look like normal credit cards but no credit is given by the card company. They can be used only if you have preloaded them with money. They are good solution to avoid getting into debt.

Choose a prepaid card for better overview of your finances


Travel FX Cards

Travel FX Cards are prepaid cards in the currency of your choice. They offer good exchange rates and are a good way to spend money abroad.

Choose a FX Card and use it during journeys abroad



Debit cards

Debit cards are issued by the same companies as for credit cards, but instead of using credit granted by the card company money is directly withdrawn from your account.

Choose a debit card if you just want to pay without cash



Charge cards

Charge cards are credit cards, with no pre-determined credit limit. They have to be paid off fully by the end of the month. They can help to rebuild one's credit history.

Choose a charge card for higher flexibility and for improving you credit rating



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