How to invest in Shares

27 October 2009 - Xenia Rainey (Which Way To Pay)


How to invest in Shares


Investing in shares can be exciting, challenging and above all rewarding.  If you wish to invest in shares the first thing you need to do is sign up with a stockbroker.


There are various ways to invest in shares…


-          Post

-          Telephone

-          Online (via the internet)


You can choose which medium you wish to deal shares – chat about this with your broker.  But first you need to decide what kind of broker you wish to have.  Here are some outlines:


Full Advisory Service


A full advisory service from a broker means that a lot of the hard work will be done by your broker.  They will work out a strategy for you based on your personal circumstances and will make suggestions on where and how to buy and sell shares.  You will keep the final say in all matters.


Discretionary Service


This is a step further from a full advisory service – here, the broker may buy or sell shares for you without asking you first.  In other words, you give the broker your absolute trust that they deal shares on your behalf.  A service of this kind can carry higher fees.


Execution-Only Service


This is the more hands-on approach.  Here, you are responsible for your own research and buying/selling decisions.  The broker will take your buy/sell order and carry it out for you but they will not advise you in any way.  However, most good brokers will always provide useful resource material for research together with various online tools to help you whether you’re brand new to shares dealing or more experienced. 



The last of the three, execution-only, is the cheapest variation as you are doing most of the legwork yourself.  In many cases, a broker will only take on full advisory or discretionary clients if they have a fairly large amount of money to invest.  If you are after some advice but wish to stick to execution-only, then you can still carry out your own research. 


Trader Training


This is a really useful way to gain some knowledge and trading habits/strategies.  Trader training academies are available online (we list them on Which Way To Pay) and provide a range of resources which range from free upwards!  There are generally free seminars and webinars run by expert traders who can impart valuable insight and knowledge.



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