Six Easy Ways to Save Money

06 August 2009 - Xenia Rainey (Which Way To Pay)


Six Easy Ways to Save Money


There are lots of ways to make noticeable savings on your regular spending.  When you consider that the average Briton now owes £2,000 on their credit card and that to clear this debt would take a good two years, it is vital to find areas where we can cut unnecessary costs.  Here are some areas to start:


Re-Evaluate your Credit Card


Trying to clear your largest debts is a good way to a better financial future and looking to your credit card is a good place to start.  Are you really able to clear the balance each month?  Would it be cheaper to get a loan with a much lower interest rate than your credit cardís APR?  


Cut Phone Bills


There are now so many broadband-internet-phone packages available which provide a much cheaper alternative than your regular BT phone deal.  Using the same BT line, you can install a broadband package that could save you £100s!  Shop around to find a good deal as some broadband packages add unnecessary costs such as installation costs and additional connection charges in order to receive the provider in your area.


Review your Weekly Spend


Tally up what you spend in a week on basic household goods, food and drink.  Donít forget to include alcohol!  See where you are spending too much Ė household brands from supermarkets are often equal in quality to their big brand-name counterparts but far cheaper.  Look at basics such as bread and milk - you'll see the difference.  Consider visiting your local market stall, where the price of basic fruit and veg is much cheaper than at the supermarket.


Sell Your Goods


When was the last time you looked in your loft or cellar?  How much clutter have you accumulated over the years which sits untouched?  Your trash might be someone elseís treasure and getting on eBay means you can access buyers on a global scale.  Start by buying one or two small items on the site to get yourself a good rating so that buyers see you as a respectable user.


Invest, invest, invest


Spend a bit of time evaluating your goals for the future Ė does it include children and other family members for whom you wish to provide some security?  Investing means you can build up a saving for when it is needed in later days.  Speak to an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) to consider which investment tool might be suited to you, be it an ISA, trust fund, share dealing or other.  You may choose to leave the legwork to a financial manager or you may wish to invest first-hand, in which case you must do the research to manage your risks.


Travel Money Online


Daily costs can be cut by checking the shopping list, but annual events such as a holiday or payment into an overseas account can be so much cheaper if you think exchange rates.  Travel money, for example, is proven to be far cheaper from one of hundreds of online providers as their rates are far superior to the high street.  They will also provide extra deals such as commission-free buyback or Travel Money Cards.  Shop around to find a good deal.


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