Summer holidays: Protect the most valuable weeks in the year with travel insurance

03 July 2013 - James Larkin


Summer holidays:

Protect the most valuable weeks in the year with travel insurance

The warm season has begun and many Britons are about to travel abroad – many will enjoy relaxing weeks sunbathing on Mediterranean beaches; others are planning an adventure holiday or thinking about a cultural tour.   No matter what kind of holidays one prefers, one aspect all have in common: planning went into them, anticipation and usually a lot of money.  Travel insurance will guarantee it won’t be lost if anything goes wrong.


Most holidaymakers come back home happy and recovered from the daily stress.    For some, maybe the holidays did not meet the expectations, but they still had a change of scene and possibly some rest.    But many people experience serious disappointment while abroad if they unexpectedly fall ill or have an accident.


Medical treatment

Having to seek medical treatment or maybe even spend time in hospital on your holiday is bad enough, as it usually means that the precious weeks are completely spoilt.    But in addition to this, it also can mean a financial load.   Particularly when travelling outside Europe, additional travel insurance is absolutely indispensable.   Travel insurance covers not only for doctors, but also for hospital treatment, will reimburse costs for transport back home, and will pay for having to stay longer at your holiday destination.

Lost luggage

Travel insurance covers for other risks as well and offers financial protection in the event that one’s luggage gets lost – and if it arrives late, one can usually buy basic equipment for the time until it is delivered.

What happens if you unexpectedly cannot travel at all?   For this risk, travel insurance also provides cover.    Cancellation fees, booked events, and more are included in this policy.

To find the best travel insurance have a look here, compare the different insurers and apply directly online


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