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It makes sense to invest in Precious Metals

Precious metals have been one of the best performing assets over the last decade. Many investors believe that the current economic climate and the amount of new money being printed, will maintain the gold prices increases for the foreseeable future.

Most people consider certain precious metals to be a safe haven compared to many other assets. Despite more and more economies becoming more fragile and volatile gold and other precious metals have retained intrinsic value regardless. Unlike cash you physically own your investment. Make sure you research the market and find the service that can give you not only the best prices but other features as well.

Which Precious Metals should you invest in?

Gold is the most popular metal to invest in as it has a proven track record of being a safe investment. However, alongside gold, silver, palladium and platinum are the best-known precious metals and are also very popular.

However, silver is often seen as a more volatile market and perhaps more of a risk when compared to gold and platinum and palladium have a wide range of uses in industry which means prices can fluctuate.

How do you purchase the metals?

You will be able to purchase your metals in a variety of ways including grams, coins, bullion and bars. You will also be given the opportunity to invest in gold mines, buy as part of your ISA or pension. There are also a variety of tax free options that are worth considering.

Once you have brought your metals you can decide whether you want it delivered to you securely or have it stored in a fully insured secured unit. While many people would like to have the purchase with them others recognise that it is safer to have it stored for you until you need it. It you do decide to have the gold with you, you need to make sure you will be able to secure it safely at home.

What are the risks?

As with any investment there are risks. Although history has shown that the prices for precious metals, particularly gold, have remained high you never know what the future may hold. Silver, palladium and platinum prices can fluctuate although many still see them as a safer investment compared to other assets.

If at a later date you decide to sell your metals many companies offer to buy the gold back off you. However, you might not get the exact price you paid for it.

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