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On-X Prepaid Card - Prepaid Card
(Which Way To Pay - 18/4/2008)
The On-X prepaid card's main draw is it's introductory gift offer - you can choose from a beauty makeover and photoshoot, 8 VIP comedy tickets or 8 VIP paintballing tickets, so there's someone for everyone.
Easy online application is simple and straightforward, as is the ability to top up online.
As a maestro, the card is accepted almost everywhere; retailers, restaurants and online. So it could be useful if you're unable to get a credit card.
It offers a safe alternative to carrying cash, and could work out reasonably if not used that often. Unfortunately the 2.00 ATM withdrawal fee is high, and the 0.50 purchase fee could quickly add up if used frequently, that said, there is no monthly fee. The price of the card is fairly low at under 10 and the into gift offers are worth considerably more than that.
On-X Prepaid Card is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating        
1 Star: 1 Star RatingPoor
In relation to other products, has performed badly and has little or no worthwhile benefits.
2 Stars: 2 Star RatingBelow Average
Has some features of value, but in comparison to others performs below standard.
3 Stars: 3 Star RatingAverage
A fair product with regards to its competitors - has no outstanding features or benefits.
4 Stars: 4 Star RatingGood
In comparison to other products performs above standard, has beneficial features.
5 Stars: 5 Star RatingExcellent
Performs well above standard in comparison, has exceptional features and benefits.

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