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What does student insurance cover? Do I need student insurance? Find out with this information guide and determine the most suitable student insurance for you.

What is Student Insurance?

With student insurance you can protect yourself from the financial cost of loss or damage to your contents while you are away at college or university. Unfortunately, students are a high risk target for thieves but insurance will cover your against theft, loss and accidental damage while you are studying. If you are living in university accommodation you may already have some insurance as often you will find your accommodation provider may have arranged some basic insurance. However, this is not always the case so you should check what level of cover you may have beforehand. For more peace of mind you may wish to take out additional cover. If you are living in privately rented properties you can find insurance that covers your own belongings or cover that insures you and the people you share with.

What does Student Insurance Cover?

There are lots of different types of student insurance available. Some aspects that you can take out insurance for include:

  • Cover for your belongings inside your room
  • Cover for items you take outside your accommodation
  • Download cover to protect your pictures, music and movies
  • Cover if your cash or credit card is lost or stolen
  • Tuition fees cover if you have to leave university due to illness or financial issues
  • Legal cover in case of employment or tenancy disputes
  • Travel Insurance this can include Backpacker & Gap Year Insurance, Study Aboard Insurance, Single and Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance
  • Sports injury and equipment cover
  • Car cover/Motorbike cover
  • Musical instrument cover
  • Rent cover
  • Gadget cover
  • Bicycle cover

Why do you need Insurance?

Life is full of surprises and unfortunately you never know what could happen. Research has shown that the things students take to university can be worth thousands. Should the unexpected occur could you afford to replace them? Many students believe their belongings will be fully covered by their parent's home insurance even while they are away at university but this is not always the case so check in advance.

How to find the right policy?

Many students will be on a tight budget so it is really important that you take the time to research the market. You should always make sure that your policy covers you for the things you want and not the things you do not need because this will help keep your premiums down and save you money. With this in mind it is important that you find an insurance company that can provide tailor made solutions for your insurance needs. Before you make a decision, gather as much information and get as many quotes as possible before signing any documents and always make sure you read all the small print. It is possible to get a good deal by comparing what different insurers are offering, especially as some insurance policies will come with discounts and other benefits.


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