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Please find below more information on Trader Training Courses. Just click on the links to get more information.

What is Trader Training?

Trader training is a service for traders/investors available online. It provides

  • Information.
  • Resource material.
  • Research material
  • Learning kits.
  • Webinars.
  • Seminars.
  • DVDs, Books on trading.
  • Email newsletters.

Any trader, no matter how experienced, can gain useful knowledge, practise, improved performance and expert strategic information by using an online "trader training academy".

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How much does Trader Training cost?

From free to around 50 depending on what you need. Much of the material and information provided by an online training service is free. Even seminars are often free of charge and are led by experienced traders who can impart important information and analytical advice.

Some products will carry a charge. For instance, you might be able to sign up for a Home Study Kit, a training DVD or book. The cost of these will vary in some cases they range from between 5 and 50. Browse a training service and compare their services and costs using the Which Way To Pay comparison area.

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How can I benefit from Trader Training?

Every trader could benefit from Trader Training. An experienced trader can gain new insight and fresh ideas while a newcomer can find essential background information, study material and more to prepare for the real market.

Anyone trading on financial markets in any capacity (with Forex, Futures, CFDs, Spread Betting or other) will know that having knowledge is vital in order to make good decisions. Not only that, but trading is a very complex activity which requires much strategic thinking and technical analysis. Any form of expert-led training or research is therefore likely to be highly useful.

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Are there any Disadvantages to Trader Training?

Trader training is mostly a useful service which can benefit all levels of trader or investor. There may be a disadvantage if you purchase a product such as a training DVD and find it to be unsatisfactory. Or you may find that the analytical information does not help you as a trader. In such cases, it is best to contact the service or company directly to see if they can assist you.

It is very important to remember that you are aware of your continuing responsibility for your decisions or choices on any financial market. No training service can tell you what to do with regards to your trade and no training service knows you individual needs and requirements.

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Are Trader Training services regulated?

Not necessarily but fear not. They may not be required to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority as they do not hold any form of account or funds on your behalf. You can find out either from their website or if you are still unsure it is probably easiest to contact them directly.

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