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Below we have listed the main Futures Exchanges of the world. A futures exchange is a trading facility for futures contracts. Futures contracts allow the purchase of commodities or financial instruments which are delivered at a pre-specified time in the future.

The exchanges have been listed alphabetically according to continent.


NYSE Euronext - Futures and Options

A number of European countries operate their futures trading under the umbrella of NYSE Euronext, including:

United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal

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Czech Republic

Prague Stock Exchange

Futures trading is conducted via the Prague Stock Exchange.

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ADEX - Athens Derivatives Exchange

Members trade electronically and have access to analyzing tools.

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Budapest Stock Exchange

Investors are able to manage risks by building up high-yield positions, as well as take long and short positions with futures contracts via the Derivatives Section of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

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IDEM - Italian Derivatives Exchange Market

The Italian Derivatives Exchange Market is managed by the main stock exchange in Italy, Borsa Italiana. Futures available are on the S&P/MIB Index and on single stocks. The trading platform is electronic.

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The Netherlands

ENDEX (European Energy Derivatives Exchange)

ENDEX is part of the APX Group, and is a service for trading and clearing on power and gas futures.

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

The derivatives market has been available through the WSE since 1998. Futures contracts are on two indices - WIG20 and mWIG40, six company stocks and on four currencies.

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NYSE Liffe Futures and Options

Part of NYSE Euronext, NYSE Liffe services futures and options markets in five European cities including Lisbon.

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Bucharest Stock Exchange

Index futures, single stock futures and currency futures are serviced through the main stock exchange in Romania.

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Russian Trading System - RTS

The derivatives market at RTS is FORTS - Futures & Options on RTS

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Mercado Oficial Espa˝ol de Futuros y Opciones - MEFF

With MEFF, investors can clear and trade options and futures on interest rates and bonds as well as on Spanish stocks with the IBEX-35 Index.

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Scoach is a collaboration of the SIX Group and Deutsche B÷rse AG. It services derivatives and structured products.

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The Eurex serves clearing services for European benchmark derivatives, equities and bonds. Like Scoach, it is operated by both the SIX Group and Deutsche B÷rse AG.

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Turkish Derivatives Exchange - TURKDEX

TURKDEX services Currency Futures contracts, Interest Rate Futures contracts, Equity Index Futures contracts and Commodity Futures contracts.

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United Kingdom

London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange - LIFFE

LIFFE is now part of NYSE Euronext. It runs futures and options markets in five European cities including London.

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London Metal Exchange - LME

LME is a futures exchange with a large market in futures and options on metals. It is viewed as the world's main non-ferrous metals market.

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Mercado a TÚrmino de Buenos Aires - MATba

The Mercado a TÚrmino de Buenos Aires is the main futures and options exchange in Buenos Aires. There are two options for traders - electronic or outcry.

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BM&F Bovespa

BM&F Bovespa is the main stock exchange in Brazil, and offers futures and commodities trading.

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Montreal Exchange

The Montreal Exchange was formerly the Montreal Stock Exchange and is now a futures exchange. Investors can trade futures contracts and options.

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Chicago Board Options Exchange - CBOE

The CBOE is the largest options exchange in the USA and offers options on companies, stock indices and ETFs.

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Chicago Board of Trade - CBOT

The CBOT is the world's oldest options and futures exchange, having been established in 1848.

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Chicago Mercantile Exchange - CME

The CME is a derivatives and commodity market. It is also the umbrella over what used to be the International Monetary Market (IMM) which offers a range of futures and options contracts.

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New York Mercantile Exchange - NYMEX

The NYMEX has been described as the largest commodity futures exchange in the world - in physical terms. It has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2006 under the symbol NMX.

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IntercontinentalExchange - ICE

The IntercontinentalExchange runs electronic marketplaces for futures trading and other financial products. Its main focus is energy products.

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Kansas City Board of Trade - KCBT

KCBT is an exchange servicing futures and options. It is based in Kansas City Missouri.

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Minneapolis Grain Exchange - MGEX

Types of wheat and cottonseed are traded on futures and options at the MGEX.

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Mexican Derivatives Exchange - MexDer

MexDer serves futures and options contracts. It is self-regulatory but is supervised by four financial authorities.

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Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited - MEX

An online exchange, MEX is the largest of its kind in Nepal. It offers commodity futures - such as foods, metals and oil seeds.

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Dalian Commodity Exchange - DCE

DCE is named after the town it's based in - Dalian. It trades in futures contracts on products such as soya-related items.

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Shanghai Futures Exchange - SHFE

SHFE is a non-profit making body which was created from three exchanges.

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Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange - ZCE

The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is a futures exchange and the main product it provides futures trading for are based around agriculture and chemicals.

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China Financial Futures Exchange - CFFEX

CFFEX is a joint venture with five other Chinese exchanges and was established in 2006. It offers futures exchanges in a number of ways and with a variety of products.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing - HKEx

HKEx is the main stock exchange of Hong Kong and services futures exchange since merging with the Hong Kong Futures Exchange in 2006.

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National Stock Exchange of India Limited - NSE

The NSE has traded in index futures since 2000. Contracts are based on the benchmark S&P CNX Nifty Index.

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Jakarta Futures Exchange - JFX

JFX is the only futures exchange in Indonesia, and offers services on many commodities.

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Iranian Oil Bourse

The Iranian Oil Bourse has been operating since 2008 and is a joint venture between ministries and private institutions in Iran.

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Kansai Commodities Exchange - KEX

KEX is a futures exhange based in Osaka in Japan. A number of commodities are traded, mainly agriculture-related.

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Tokyo Commodity Exchange - TOCOM

The TOCOM regulates the trading of options and futures contracts on all commodities in Japan. It is a non-profit organisation.

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Korea Exchange - KRX

KRX is the main stock exchange of Korea and serves futures and options.

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Karachi Stock Exchange - KSE

The KSE is the largest and oldest stock exchange in Pakistan, and services a number of markets, including stock index futures, deliverable futures and cash settled futures.

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Singapore Exchange Limited - SGX

The Singapore Exchange is the main stock exchange in Sinagpore, and offers equity index futures and options, interest rate futures and options and commodity futures.

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Taiwan Futures Exchange - TAIFEX

TAIFEX is based in Taiwan and offers futures and options on government bond futures and the main Taiwan stock indices.

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United Arab Emirates


Nasdaq Dubai has been operating since 2005 and was formerly the Dubai International Financial Exchange - DIFX. It has a range of derivatives on offer and is planning to expand on these. Available now are Index Futures, Single Stock Futures and Single Stock Futures.

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South Africa

The South African Futures Exchange - SAFEX

SAFEX is broken into two areas - agricultural products and equity derivatives.

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